In this episode, Dan, C-Swizzy and Dave reveal the reason for the delays in releasing new episodes.  Then they discuss their recently concluded Dreadball league as well as the pros/cons of the league rules from the Dreadball rulebook.  They also talk the upcoming season 3 releases for Dreadball.  Dan and Dave actually played a Warhammer 40k game and briefly talk about a new campaign they’re going into.  The guys mention Gencon plans and preparations.  Dave discusses a new Chicago area game store he’s been to.  The guys conclude with Dan having fun on a particular 40k forum.



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Happy Memorial Day

Posted by C Swizzy on Monday May 27, 2013 Under Other



Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all of you Vets for your service. We are eternally in your debt.

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It only took us 3 years to get to 50! lol

This episode, Dan, C-Swizzy, John, and Dave talk about Dreadball, Star Wars X-Wing, and primarily Adepticon.  Dan discusses the pain of being tabled in 10 minutes in Warhammer 40k.  C-Swizzy relishes in his massive tournament victory in Malifaux, while Dave rambles in a long winded battle report about his Blood Bowl tournament. Also we discuss Mantic Games’ direction with newer games as well as their kickstarter project, Dead Zone.


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We Learned How To Use Modern Technology!

Posted by admin on Monday May 13, 2013 Under Chris, Other, Site Admin

So I’ve been poking around and I think I got the forums back up and running again. Started using new anti-spambot (with a backup available if this does not work) and I also reformatted and re-organized everything. If the scary spambots scared you away, it should be safe to come back. If you’re new, feel free to sign up, THEY’RE FREE!

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We Discovered Modern Technology!

Posted by admin on Sunday May 12, 2013 Under Other, Site Admin

We finally came out of our caves and discovered how to make a Facebook Page. So 2008 of us, right?

Feel free to like us!

Or hate us!

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Episode 49 is not dead yet.

Posted by admin on Monday Apr 15, 2013 Under Podcast Release

Dan, CSwizzy, The Baron, Dave, and Monica discuss what we have been up to since the last recording.  The crew discusses Malifaux, board games, free to play PC games and lament on struggles with SimCity.  The focus shifts to covering our Pathfinder campaign and then wraps up with plans and preparation for Adepticon.  


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Episode 48 is full of bad rumors and broken audio!

Posted by The Baron on Friday Feb 8, 2013 Under Don't check this box!

In Episode 48, we talk about the (unreleased at the time) Dark Angels codex and what is quite possibly the best game of all time: Cards Against Humanity.

Our special guest is once again Jason of Rebellion Games and Collectables. Visit his site at

Listen to Episode 48 here!

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Episode 47 got blood in your bowl!

Posted by The Baron on Thursday Jan 10, 2013 Under Don't check this box!

Hey there! A majorly delayed episode 47 here with Johnny P of the Zlurpcast ( Today’s topic is all about Blood Bowl. It’s like football, but with less of a chance of late onset brain damage!

(All brain damage is instantaneous) Listen here!

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Episode 46 is Dan-o-mite!

Posted by The Baron on Saturday Oct 27, 2012 Under Don't check this box!

Listen as we discuss the new chaos codex more, review some black library fiction, and marvel at the wonder that is Dan after he’s had an energy drink!

Contrary to what we said, we actually played Blood Bowl League Manager: The Card Game after we recorded. It was fun, and not just because I (The Baron) won!

Listen here!

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Episode 45 is-a disgusting-o!

Posted by The Baron on Thursday Sep 27, 2012 Under Don't check this box!

In today’s episode, we discuss high prices, the new Chaos models, more affordable games, share some old D&D stories, and generally have a good time.

Oh, and C Swizzy is back.

Listen Here!

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